4 Building Supplies Every Homebuilder Should Get Their Hands On!
4 Building Supplies Every Homebuilder Should Get Their Hands On!

4 Building Supplies Every Homebuilder Should Get Their Hands On!

May 2020

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Building Materials

While building a house, you come across a lot of construction materials ranging from naturally occurring products to synthetically manufactured building supplies. The right choice of building material based on different factors such as availability, cost-effectiveness, product reliability & durability for building houses. There are numerous companies providing construction materials that are typically segmented into different categories like plumbing, insulation work, roofing supply, and flooring. But if you are home builder or renovator, then you must have these 4 building supplies that combine all the essential aspects together in one list.

1. Dimensional Lumber:

Once you have an approved blueprint of the house structure, you need to begin with the skeletal structure of the house. To form the skeletal structure you would require a different wood framing. As lumber is a renewable resource, extremely reliable and cost-effective , the use of dimensional lumber can be beneficial if you are planning to structure the large floor, stairs, roof, door casing, and wall.

2. Metal:

Generally, metals are used for forming a structural framework for the roofing and walls to cover the large external surface. Construction companies make use of aluminum and steel alloys that constitute the larger share of the metal used in the construction of houses. Using metal for roofing and covering large areas can be actually beneficial as it provides strength and durability to the entire structure or framework. Metal is resistant to fire and it also has the ability to withstand adverse climatic changes. However, you need to plan regular maintenance to protect the metal framing from corrosion.

3. Glass:

The use of glass is becoming extremely popular as a modern building material for both residential as well as commercial properties. Glass is considered a highly beneficial building supply nowadays because:

• Glass provides resistance to the UV rays and does not let the rays to penetrate inside the house.

• Glass enhances the beauty of the house.

• It provides energy efficiency

• Glass provides privacy. You can use a variety of reflective surfaces for enhancing the privacy of different areas of the house.

However, the use of glass would increase the maintenance and installation cost which needs to be planned beforehand.

4. Plastic:

Plastic is also considered as an important building supply in the construction industry. It is mainly because plastic has different properties that make them suitable for most uses. There are many benefits to using plastics:

• It is less expensive as compared to construction materials.

• Plastic is lightweight which makes it ideal for assembling purpose.

• Plastic is resistant to corrosion which makes them commonly used for the water pipes.

• It requires less maintenance and can be used for long-term projects.


When you are building a house from scratch, these four building supplies are the must. You would require them for different purposes such as roofing, structure framework, stairs, flooring, pipeline structuring, railing, and siding. Hence it is quite essential to have good knowledge of the building materials, their advantages, and disadvantages. It is important because you want them to stand the test of time. Regardless of which building supplies you prefer to go with, make sure you buy them only from the reputed as well as trusted construction companies.

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