Avoid Common Deck Repairing Mistakes


Deck Repairing Mistakes

Avoid Common Deck Repairing Mistakes

August 2021

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When repairing decks, no matter the material you are using, following the general principle during installation is crucial. This explains that you do not have to install a traditional redwood differently from how you would install a modern composite decking material.

Even though decks have been installed the same way for centuries, the code and standard are always evolving to ensure a more stable and safer installation that can give you a durable deck. It will also ensure that your deck withstands any form of future wear and tear.

If you do not install your decks the right way, even though they look good after completion, then in a few years the deck will develop extensive problems. Also, when these problems are not solved, no matter how little, the deck’s damage will automatically escalate. You can avoid the following deck repairing problems by ensuring that the installation is done right.

Ignoring The Understructure

When you build or repair a deck, it must be done perfectly without ignoring or leaving behind any moving pieces. If you take a look at your backyard deck and it is already getting old, whether or not it is only a few boards that have been affected, you may need to replace the entire deck.

If your deck is less than five years old since installing it, you should inspect what is going on under its structure. You can do a physical examination to check the support beam for rust, rot, or any noticeable signs of corrosion around deck fasteners and connectors.

Not Getting To Know Your Wood

It is a huge mistake to use a block of wood you know nothing about. Some woods are long lasting even when they are exposed to heat, moisture, and cold in an outdoor environment. Woods, like redwood or cedar, are composed of materials that can withstand external elements.

However, woods such as Douglas fir are not perfect for outdoor use. To use the wood for your deck, it must be first treated by staining and sealing for better protection of the deck. You can also stain redwood and cedar, but it may not be necessary since they can be ideal choices that do not need any form of wood treatment.

Not Getting Proper Guidance From A Professional

Although you might be familiar with deck designing and construction, it may be challenging for you to identify some deck problems during repairs or new installation. The best thing to do in such cases is to seek help from a professional decking contractor. You can hire a professional from any reliable construction company around you.

The contractor will know about all the engineering and ground grading issues of the deck. No matter how complicated the case may be. While consulting a deck contractor is the best option, you can also find inspiring ideas from the internet or your neighbors who may have more ideas than you do.

Neglecting Efficient Safety Guides

When you are installing a deck or repairing an old deck, you must have everyone around you in mind by ensuring their safety. Your deck must be safe for the kids, visitors, and pets. You should ensure the hardware used for the installation is of good quality and will not cause harm to any stranger or any member of your household. Your deck must have good lighting in some specific regions and around the stairs. With the illumination, everyone can take a walk around the deck and not encounter an accident.

Also, your deck railing and the railing on the staircase should be sturdy, strong, and high so that nobody ends up falling accidentally. If you are using a fire pit on your deck, ensure that the one used on your deck is appropriate for wooden decks.

Over Cleaning Your Deck After Repair

repairing decks

After repairing or installing a new deck, there is no need to give it a thorough cleaning. If you do, the sealant will begin to strip away in a short period after the repair or installation and cause the wood to wear down underneath the deck.

If you must clean the deck, avoid the use of brushes made with wire bristles or the use of harsh cleaning agents on your newly constructed deck. You can use a power washer with a fan tip, aiming it away from your deck. It can cause permanent damage to the deck if it is too close.

Using The Wrong Hardware

Most hardware is designed unequally. Therefore, for your deck to stand the test of time, the fasteners you use to hold them together must be created especially for exterior use. Interior hardware used for homes cannot be used for decks since they will not withstand outdoor elements. Steel hardware is perfect for outdoor use because they are created with pressure-treated building materials.

Improperly Attaching The Ledger Board

Attaching The Ledger Board

The ledger is an important component that links unattached decks to a structure. The lumber is usually pressure treated, and the ledger gives firmness to the deck by providing support to the joist. For an installation to be done properly, it usually involves affixing the ledger to the stud of the entire deck building form and not affixing it to a substance lacking material like stucco or brick.

For you to correctly install a ledger, you will have to give it full attention because it is the most complicated part involved in deck building or repairs. You can use a specialized hardware material because of how easily the area can become wet, and this may lead to wood rot, and work against the wholeness of the deck by deteriorating it.


For you to avoid common deck repairing mistakes, you can start by getting the best professional help to ensure your deck’s need is accurately met. A bad installation can cause serious problems. Therefore whether you are replacing or repairing the entire deck, it must be done professionally.

Ensure that the hardware is not hanging out during repairs as this can cause domestic accidents. Overcleaning can be a little too much, and it can reduce the durability of a newly installed deck. If you follow protective guidelines, such as lighting up your deck during repair, members of your household will not trip and fall.

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