Is It Time To Change Your Siding?
Is It Time To Change Your Siding?

Is It Time To Change Your Siding?

April 2020

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Home siding protects the home from exterior elements such as insulating it against extreme cold and heat, inclement weather, debris, and pests, keeping our family comfortable and safe. High-quality siding will help in ensuring that your house stays in the best condition during extreme weather conditions. Sidings also prevent the infiltration of water and improve energy efficiency. Moreover, sidings impart a great look at the house from the outside. But the house sidings do not last for a lifetime and you need to regularly replace them. House siding may not be at the top of your agenda but it is very crucial to the overall aesthetics and integrity of your house. Ultimately, more important than knowing the age of your siding is being able to spot the signs that it’s due for a replacement now.

1. Rotten, Cracked or Warped Siding

These are some of the most obvious signs that your house’s siding is damaged beyond repair. For a thorough visual inspection of the siding, you need to walk around your house. Even a small crack could point toward a larger problem. If the layer beneath the cracked or warped portion has rotten, then its the right time to get help from professionals or trusted construction companies and get it replaced.

2. Observing Blisters or Bubbles On The Siding

If you can visibly observe the presence of blisters or bubbles beneath the surface of the siding, take note of it. The presence of blisters indicate the trapping of water and giving rise to moisture problems. Since the siding is supposed to prevent the infiltration of water in the house, this is a good indication to change the siding.

3. Faded Siding

You need to change your house’s siding when the siding loses its color and becomes really faded. In such situations, weatherproofing won’t be able to restore the siding. It does not mean that the siding has suddenly become useless. But it is definitely the right time to consider an upgrade before serious problems crop up.

4. Increase In The Energy Bills:

There can be many factors that might increase your energy bills. If you rule out the leaks in your attic, drafty windows, and faulty insulation then the only thing to consider is the bad siding. House siding helps to retain the heat and cold and provide proper insulation throughout the year. Improper insulation from the due to damaged siding can be easily reflected in your energy bills.

5. Frequent Need To Paint The Siding

Generally, most houses require a fresh coat of paint every 6 to 7 years. But if you think that your house needs frequent painting (after 2 to 3 years) then the problem is about the siding. Excessive peeling or chipping paints is a strong indication that it is the right time to replace the siding. Always consider using long-lasting vinyl siding from best construction companies that virtually require less maintenance.


If you are able to notice these signs, then you must take it seriously. These are some indications that will determine that you need to take action. Do not let your siding deteriorate any further. There are construction companies that offer different building supplies including high-quality vinyl siding which is light, strong, easy to clean and install and provided resistant to severe weather conditions.
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