What To Do When Your Siding Is Damaged



What To Do When Your Siding Is Damaged

July 2021

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Bad happenings, especially hell storms, can suddenly spring up and cause serious destruction to the siding of your home. When this happens, you must know how to solve the problem and get a replacement.

The process of immediate replacement of a damaged siding is not to be debated since the siding is the external barrier of your home. Not repairing it immediately and waiting for another storm to affect it can set your home to suffer more damage.

Almost all homeowners will experience damaged sidings as their siding is exposed to heavy snowfalls, sun, falling trees, rain, and abrasion. You may have already encountered some of these siding problems. Here is what to do when your siding is damaged.

Damage To Home Siding

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You may notice your siding has been damaged by storm sooner or later if your home has recently experienced a hailstorm or any other damage. Asides from your siding promoting the aesthetic view of your home, it is important to repair or replace a siding to protect your home from further damage.

In reality, the siding of your home has an efficient purpose in keeping your entire home protected from the storm if it is immediately repaired or replaced after any damage. If you ignore it, the problem will worsen, and fixing it may be too expensive.

It is crucial to repair siding damages because just like roofs, they have the same protective functions except that they protect the sides of your home and not the top. A hole in your home siding is as damaging as a hole in your roof.

Sidings prevent water damage from entering the inner walls of your home. It also encloses the home in a potent layer of isolation. With home sidings, you can prevent some pests like bugs and rodents from disturbing your home.

Most importantly as a homeowner, some siding damages that have occurred as a result of hailstorms are likely to be covered by insurance. Therefore, you must report the damages that have affected your siding so that the company can cover the cost of damage.

When checking for damages to your siding, you must be attentive to every detail. It is effective to find out if your siding is unimpaired because if it has been compromised, water, pest, and other damages will invade your home.

Reporting the case early enough will quicken the chance of getting your insurance company to pay for getting the damages repaired at the earliest. If you do not report the case, you will have to replace or repair the siding and bear the cost for it out of your own pocket. If your siding is damaged, know the following:

Know Your Insurance Policy

The first move is for you to understand your insurance, most insurance policy has some added notations or an endorsement. So, if at the end of the day, you cannot find sidings that match your home, it is likely that your home will undergo major repairs to get all the sidings changed even though damage occurred only on one side of the siding.

Inspect And Record Damages That Has Occurred

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Take a visual tour to inspect damages on your siding, while you are at it, make sure you take some written notes and photos of damages observed on your home’s siding.

After you have gathered all the evidence you need, you can get ready to make your claim. Contact your insurance company and relate your case, presenting them with detailed evidence based on your photos and written down observations.

The reason for supporting the inspection of your siding with photos and written notes is to make certain you have gathered enough evidence to demonstrate that your claims are viable and your siding was indeed damaged by the storm or snowfall. However, this would only matter if your insurance policy covers some of these damages.

However, have it in mind that other homes have faced the same destructive damage on their siding due to storms and those homes are also covered by your insurance company. The company will be set for a big hit, trying to reach the needs of all the affected homes.

Get A Professional To Inspect The Siding

If you have a siding that looks damaged and you have challenges finding out the damaged areas on your own, you can get a professional to carry out a more thorough inspection of the siding. Even though the insurance policy covers some siding damages, getting professional help will help augment your claim.

Get Your Damaged Siding Replaced Or Repaired

After contacting your insurance company and getting positive feedback, get your damaged siding replaced or repaired depending on how damaged it appears. If you damage is not covered by insurance, you will still have to repair the sidings come what may.

Research the best siding you can use to replace or repair the damaged one, get the best siding repair professional help around you, look out for different options and the most suitable price quotes.

Get The Best Siding Options

So many homes have vinyl sidings since they are not as expensive as aluminum sidings. When presenting your claim to the insurance company, including the type of siding that was damaged.

No matter the damage, the insurance company will cover the expenses by replacing the exact siding that was damaged. For instance, if an aluminum siding was damaged, the company must cover the expense to have an aluminum siding replaced.

On the other hand, if the damage has occurred on a vinyl siding, but you are no longer interested in replacing it with vinyl but an aluminum siding, the insurance company will cover the expense for vinyl siding only.


If your siding has been affected by a storm or other damages, you do not have to worry about managing the situation because it is likely that the damage has been covered by an insurance company.

However, not all damaged sidings have an insurance policy, so do get a professional siding contractor to check the level of damage on your siding and decide whether you will need to repair or replace it soon.

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