4 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Siding
4 Benefits of Replacing Your Home's Siding

4 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Siding

February 2021

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Your home siding is one of the most important elements in your house. It influences the design and style of your home's exterior setting. A colorful and clean siding can invariably transform the curb appeal of your home. However, as time goes on, your home's siding may start to show wear and tear. At this period, it is essential to replace the material of your home's siding. This replacement is to make sure that your home looks up-to-date and well-maintained. But how can you know the right time to replace your home’s siding? To help you know exactly when a replacement is required, here are some signs you should be on the lookout for:

Cracks On The surface

Cracks on the surface are a clear sign that your siding is already damaged. At this point, your home’s siding may be beyond repair and would need a replacement. Perform visual inspection by walking around your home. A small crack could lead to a bigger issue. Poke around to see if the layers underneath are solid. Check to see if there is any form of rot under any cracked or warped portions of your siding. If there are signs of rot, then your home's siding requires a replacement.

Water stains

Water stains

Water stains on your home’s siding are a major red flag. Water Trapped beneath the siding will cause a formation of spot blisters or bubbling beneath the surface. This type of surface bubbles indicates that you have a moisture problem. Sidings are supposed to prevent water from coming inside. If there are water stains beneath, your siding definitely requires a replacement.

Fungus or mold on your siding

You should be careful and keep a watch for the growth of fungus or mold on your siding, especially close to the seams. These elements grow wherever moisture is available. Their presence could also point to the possibility of water penetrating your siding already. Though fungus growths on the siding of your home are not always a cause to worry, they're certainly worth further investigation.



Severe fading of your home's siding is a sure sign that it requires a replacement. However, the loss in color alone does not mean that your home’s siding is no longer useful. It is just an indicator that you probably need an upgrade before a more serious problem occurs.

Siding in need of frequent painting

Virtually, most homes need a fresh coat of paint every 8-10 years. If you find yourself repainting your home more often than the said period, you may have a siding problem. The peeling off of paint is a strong sign that your home's siding requires replacement. Replacing it with high-quality vinyl siding is a good idea. This siding lasts longer and requires little or no maintenance.

Paint peeling inside your home

A bad siding outside can reveal itself inside of your home. If you notice any paint peeling in your home, then it could be a result of damage to the siding outside. Moisture getting into the home through the siding can cause significant damage within your home. Loose wallpaper and paint issues can be a sign.

If you notice any of these faults, take action. Do not allow your home’s siding to grow any more worse.

Top 4 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Siding

Aside from the protection that your home's siding offers, it also makes your home beautiful. To achieve both goals, replacing a damaged siding will go a long way. If you notice any of the damaging signs discussed above, it is probably time for you to replace or upgrade your home’s siding. Discussed below are some of the benefits of replacing your home’s siding.

1. Replacing your home’s siding will help to improve the appearance of your home: A nice-looking home is everybody’s dream. A new and vibrant siding will do just that. Depending on the type of material used, replacing an old or damaged siding will boost the color of your home’s exterior. It will also make the appearance of your home brighter and in good condition for a long time. With a new siding, you can even create a striking new color scheme. To avoid attracting the sun in a warm climate, a siding with a light color shade would be a great choice. This will help reduce your utility bills. Regardless of the type of material of the new siding, be sure that an upgrade will leave your home looking stunning, hence enhancing its curb appeal.

2. Replacing your home’s siding will help to improve your home's energy efficiency: The installation of new siding with added insulation to your exterior walls can reduce your energy costs. While at it, a house wrap to prevent wind and moisture from penetrating your walls can also be installed. In general, an upgraded home siding will make your home more energy-efficient. It does not only keep the outside temperature out, but it also keeps the inside temperature in.

3. Replacing your home’s siding will help to increase your home’s resale value: Replacing your home’s old siding with a new one is a good investment that can pay off. For starters, the material will offer protection to the building from damage. This will invariably make your home look beautiful and appealing to potential buyers if you intend to sell. With a fresh new siding, you should be able to sell for a substantially higher price. With new siding, there is an improvement in the quality of your home’s exterior, which will make your home stand out.

4. Replacing your home’s siding will help to prevent further structural damage to the home: It is quite common for homes to suffer structural damage beneath their siding. This damage can result in molds or cracks on the wall. Also, the leaking of rainwater through the window of your home can cause hidden damage. Since some new sidings are moisture-resistant, installing such sidings will ensure that your siding is free of molds. A replacement will also help you to avoid expensive repairs.


Siding should be an element that adds beauty and elegance to your home. This is something an old and damaged siding cannot offer. Upgrading your home's siding offers better protection to your home and property. It also allows you to restore and repair structural damage. Not only will a new siding make your home sell for more, but it will also make it look nicer, so you feel better about your home. If you notice any damaging signs to your home's siding, perhaps it is time you replace it.

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