Deck Foundation Prep in 10 Easy Steps


Deck Foundation Prep in 10 Easy Steps

June 2023

By Joel Unruh

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The most important part of your deck is the foundation particularly when using floating blocks.

Confirm Area Measurements

Measure the length and width of the entire area you want to cover, making sure the area is level and clear of any debris.

Stake and Spray the Area

Mark it with stakes or spray paint, spray paint is preferred. This will ensure the area is the right size and you have a template to follow.

Level the area, remove soil not required

Clear the area of any debris and rocks. Remove any grass, weeds, or other vegetation. You must have a clear and level surface for your deck blocks to sit on. Try to remove as much top soil as possible as it causes issues with expansion in winter conditions. You want to ensure the deck blocks are on compact stable ground.

Pack the Earth

You must to compact the ground before laying any foundation materials. The ground must support the weight of the structure. Tamping is a manual method where a tool called a hand tamper is used to compact the soil by manually striking it with the tamper. It is a good option for small areas or tight spaces where a machine cannot reach. Plate compactor is a machine that uses a large, flat plate to compact the ground. The plate is powered by an engine and is vibrated to compact the soil. It is a good option for larger areas, and it is more efficient than hand tamping. Construx recommends you consult a professional engineer before projects like this.

Install a week barrier

Laying a weed barrier: Typically a heavy landscape fabric or plastic. Lay this over the area you want to prevent weeds from growing. Then cover with a layer of crushed stone or paver base.

Step 6: Lay a Gravel Base

Now lay a gravel base. This is a foundation for your deck blocks and will keep them level and stable for the future. Spread a layer of gravel over the entire area where your deck will be built, and then use a rake to level it out. Types of base to use: Crushed Stone: It allows water to flow through easily, while also providing a stable foundation for the deck. Gravel: It allows water to flow through easily, while also providing a stable foundation for the deck. Pea Gravel: It is often used as a decorative top layer for decks and other landscaping projects, and is known for its good drainage properties.

Time For Deck Blocks

With your ground properly prepared and a level in your hand you are now ready to install your deck block. Precast concrete blocks are specifically designed to support decks and other outdoor structures. They are easy to install, and can be used to support both wood and composite decks. They must be installed flat and square to the nearby structures. Monitor the height of these blocks during install as it is preferred for all to be the exact same height.
Enjoy you new deck. See us at Construx Building Products for all your materials.
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