5 Tips For Choosing The Right Siding For Your House
5 Tips For Choosing The Right Siding For Your House

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Siding For Your House

August 2020

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Siding acts as a protective layer to the exterior side of your home’s wall. By being outside, it contributes to the aesthetic of your house. Hence, when picking out a siding for your house, you want something that will provide the needed protection while still enhancing your home’s appearance and for the longest time possible. Your investment should give you value for your money. With many available options in terms of the building material, color, and design, this can be an overwhelming decision to make. The following guidelines are here to help you as you choose the right siding for your house.

Educate Yourself on the Available Options

There are many siding options in the market today. Hence, one of the things that you need to do as you choose your siding is to research the available options. The most common building materials used for siding are wood, cement fibers, vinyl siding, and others. Each one of them comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, wood is workable and aesthetically pleasing, but, it is expensive and susceptible to insects and rot. Vinyl, on the other hand, is cost-friendly and low maintenance, however, it does not offer the same aesthetic appeal.

Getting to know these properties will help find the most suitable one in terms of cost, look, energy efficiency, maintenance, and durability among others. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge will enable you to eventually make an informed decision.

Consider the Weather

To give you adequate protection from the harsh outdoor elements, the building material for your siding should be designed to withstand the weather conditions at hand. Hence, the climate in your region is something that you need to put into consideration as you pick out a siding for your home. Whether the area experiences extremely high or low temperatures, high humidity levels, a lot of rain, or too much sun, your siding should be suitable for this kind of environment.

In places that experience extreme temperatures, a siding with insulation capabilities is the best to keep the house cool or warm as needed. A siding that offers UV protection will be ideal for areas with intense sun. Picking the wrong siding for your weather will not only give you minimal protection but also affect its durability.

Choosing the Right Color

The color of your siding can make or break your home. This is, therefore, an important thing that you should consider. Depending on the building material, the siding may come with a pre-finished color or stained or painted with the color of your choice. Colors are plenty and choosing one can seem difficult. You can use the existing color palette from the other exterior parts such as the roof, windows, doors, and railing, etc. You can either use one or a few of the colors or find a complementary color.

You can also survey the neighborhood to find out the general color selection. This way, you can choose a color that is unique to your home while still blending in with the rest. You should also try and ensure that you use a color that looks good throughout and in different lightings.

Look at Design Ideas

All the aspects of a siding come together to give the house a general exterior design. Different sidings will achieve different looks. Whether you are looking for something charming, traditional, monochromatic, Victorian, and so on, you should have an idea of the look that you are going for. This will guide all the other decisions that you make regarding the siding. Some people will already have a picture of what they want and others will not. If not, you can seek inspiration from existing home designs. You can either use the homes around you or look at online portfolios.

Seek Professional Help

With all the things to be considered, picking out a siding by yourself can be a hassle. A professional eye and opinion can help make this process easier. Due to the experience that they have, a contractor can easily assess your home and determine the best siding for it. They can also help you pick out a suitable color and design depending on the general architecture of your home. However, before working with a certain contractor, you should ensure that they are well-qualified.

Whether you are doing a replacement or building a house altogether, you will need to pick out a siding for your house. You need to ensure that you get the best one for your house in terms of building materials, color, design, and functionality. The above tips should help you make the right decision.

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