5 Warning Signs Your Deck Needs To Be Replaced

5 Warning Signs Your Deck Needs To Be Replaced

July 2020

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The deck of your house is the first and foremost part of the house. Homeowners decorate it to make it look attractive and elegant. Most often people define the deck as an ideal location for entertainment, relaxing, or even barbequing. You can also organize small house parties and spend some quality time with your loved ones sitting in the open deck area. Your deck will take a lot of pressure in its lifetime. Generally, your deck can last for decades before you need to replace them. But this does not mean that you don’t take care of your deck. To enhance the service life of your deck, you must regularly maintain them and look for signs that indicate repair work. Well, sometimes you can restore your deck with minor repairing and finishing but some decks are just beyond repair and you need an immediate replacement.

#1 Extensive Deck Surface Damage

While cleaning and maintaining your deck if you find that the surface of the deck is damaged then you can usually repair it by replacing a few boards. However, when any kind of damage affects most of the surface, the deck likely needs to be replaced. Some common types of surface damage come from wood rotting, water intrusion, and growth of mold. You may observe soft or crumbling wood, visible mold growth, and spores, or excessive cracks and splintering.

#2 Deck Need To Be Replaced If You Could See Gaps Between The Deck And The House:

Professional contractors make use of strong and durable ledger boards to keep decks attached to the house. When you observe that these ledger boards are getting damaged it is mostly due to gravity and the deck’s weight. Within a short time, you would notice that the entire structure leans away from the building. You must get the leaning deck replaced immediately as it poses a major safety hazard since someone could trip on the gap or the structure could collapse. Moreover, the gaps between the deck and the house may let water seep into the surface boards, supporting framework, and posts. This water or moisture can encourage the growth of mold and cause the wood to rot.

5 Warning Signs Your Deck Needs To Be Replaced

#3 You Need Deck Replacement When There Is Widespread Discoloration And Stains On The Deck:

Generally, fading or stains won’t affect a deck’s performance but if you notice that there is widespread discoloration then it indicates serious underlying issues. The discoloration is due to spilling of the harsh chemical substance such as cleaning solutions, automotive fluids, cooking grease. These chemical substances can corrode the deck and decrease its service life.

Moreover, the older decks are more likely to have hidden stability problems. If you are unaware of the age of a deck, then you can look out for some signs such as

  • advanced fading,
  • peeling varnish, and
  • extensive blemishes

These signs can imply that the deck is old enough to need restoration or full replacement.

If you come across any combination of these, consider replacement rather than repair efforts. Professional contractors would recommend a full replacement to make the deck completely safe and functional again.

#4 Your Decks Have Unstable Railings:

Most often the instability of the railing of the deck can affect the top of a deck just as much as the support framework. These damaged railings that lean outward or that wobble when touched pose a safety hazard. You must keep a watch where the railings attach to the deck. In case, if you find that the railing wood has become soft, you may need to replace the entire deck rather than just the railings.

#5 Erosion around the Post

Most decks sit on strong posts set into concrete or simply anchored deep in the ground. Over time, the movement of water around the base of the deck can wear away the earth around each post.


Deck safety means your safety, and it’s important to recognize the signs that it’s time to replace your deck. All the homeowners should examine the quality of the deck and the deck stability on a regular basis to ensure that all household members stay safe.

Generally, some of the signs that you are in need of a new deck include damaged or rotting joists and deck floorboards, which could result from water damage or pest infestations. Pay close attention to the way posts are secured to the deck itself, and check in on the age of your deck to make sure it fits building regulations.

It’s also imperative to inspect ledger board quality and your railing’s stability. At Contruxbuilding, we know when it’s time for a deck replacement. We are here for you. Give us a call to schedule an inspection today so that you can feel good about your deck health!

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