5 Ways Siding Can Protect Your House
5 Ways Siding Can Protect Your House

5 Ways Siding Can Protect Your House

September 2020

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The outside covering of your house is a chance for you to beautify your house to make it stand out and increase its value. While this is true, your siding plays a bigger role other than just providing an aesthetic appeal. It is also meant to be a protective layer to keep the interior of your home safe from external elements. Regardless of the type used, the siding safeguards your home in several ways. The following are some of them.

Provides Additional Support

A house is made of several structures that work together to hold up the building. This includes the walls, beams, frames, and so on. While they are able to provide enough support on their own when constructed properly, it is always best to have additional support. This can be achieved through the installation of a siding which will help to fortify the building further.

Also, the support systems tend to wear out with time introducing defects such as cracked walls and loose elements which increases the vulnerability of the house. While the siding cannot entirely prevent or fix this, it can help to delay deterioration by adding an extra layer of protection.

Covers and Protects the Interior

A house is also made up of internal structures. When a siding is installed, it provides a cover for these interior parts. It then becomes the first to come into contact with outside elements. By acting as a barrier, it blocks these elements from entering any further.

Siding is made to overlap at the joints to ensure that no gaps are left as the building materials expand or contract with changes in temperature. It is therefore able to keep the interior safe from harsh elements such as dust, wind, hail, heavy rainfall, harsh sunlight, extreme temperatures, and so on. Otherwise, they would gain entry and cause damage and discomfort.

Provides Insulation

Your home is supposed to provide a safe and comfortable environment. This should be the case regardless of the outside conditions. This is more so for areas that experience extreme weather conditions and tend to get too hot or too cold either constantly or seasonally. A siding is a great way to provide your house with some insulation to help keep your interior at comfortable temperature levels. This will minimize heat loss or gain helping to keep the house hot during cold days and cold on the hot ones.

Even though the siding provides extra insulation for your house, it may not entirely sort out the issue of heat regulation. As such, an AC or furnace may still be required. However, with the extra insulation from the siding, you will end up saving money on your energy bills.

Prevents Water Damage

When it comes to protecting the house against water, homeowners tend to focus on other areas such as the gutters, roof, landscaping, and so on. Most of the time, the contribution of the siding is overlooked. However, siding is actually a great way to prevent water from seeping into your home when it rains.

When water gains entry into your home, it can cause a lot of damage such as mold growth, rotting, and foundation problems. These issues may end up compromising the structural integrity of the building. Hence, by inhibiting water entry, you will be protecting your home from plenty of water damage. As you install your siding, you should also ensure that it is properly maintained to prevent any leaks from occurring with time.

Keeps Pests Away

No one wants their home to be invaded by pests. As tiny as they may be, these notorious creatures can cause a lot of damage to your home. They can eat away your electrical wires, plumbing systems, and other structures especially those that are made of wood. These can develop into serious issues in the future. Even the bare aspect of having them crawling around your house can be a nuisance. Not to mention the mess and the odor that may be brought about by their droppings.

You, therefore, want to take all the necessary steps to ensure that you keep these creatures away. Your siding can help you with this. Having it installed all the way to the ground will block the pests out and prevent or slow them from nesting in the structures of your home.


As you choose a siding for your house, you should not only focus on the appearance that it will give you. While this is necessary, the most important aspect is the functionality. Your siding should be able to protect your house in the above ways.

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