6 Innovative Ways To Add Windows Into Your Home Renovation Project!
6 Innovative Ways To Add Windows Into Your Home Renovation Project!

6 Innovative Ways To Add Windows Into Your Home Renovation Project!

December 2019

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The sale of houses in the U.S.A. has turned into an utter fiasco with complaints of dissatisfied customers for not getting the price they set out on. But rather than staying put, they have decided to go on a house remodeling spree that will add more glamor to the house they are living in.. For instance, building a sunroom or adding energy efficient windows take the cake in latest remodeling effort.

A house smothered in natural light feels invigorating and very inviting to house owners who are redoing their house. It brightens up the rooms with the natural evening lights dancing on the occupants creating silhouettes in the rooms and improving the mood of the occupants. Adding windows and patio doors to the home is not just a window pane but showering of light on all of the occupants.

Check out these 6 innovative ways to add windows in your house remodeling effort.

Energy Efficient Windows:

Energy efficient windows and energy efficiency are occupying every-bodys mind nowadays. Those old rickety windows that refuse to budge are an unhappy sight altogether. Energy Efficient Windows are a money-saver with drastically cutting down on heating and cooling bills. Facts state that 60% to 90% of the investment can be redeemed with investing in energy efficient windows. What’s more, you can receive a green energy tax rebate of 10% if you employ Energy-compliant windows.

Clerestory or decking windows:

Placing windows above eye level helps to scatter light entering the room and maintain privacy. When wall space is constrained in the kitchens, place clerestory windows above the cabinet, shelves or use as a backsplash for discounted storage space. In bathrooms also, high windows let in streamlined natural light while maintaining privacy and providing open wall space for showers and bathtubs.


A window over the door borrowing light from another light source and saving a lot of wall space in comparison, can be taken a step further with windows covering the wall space from floor to ceiling with a sky wall of glass panels.


A window or light of glass alongside a door or picture window builds the measure of regular light accessible in tight profile spaces.

Curve, range, and peaks:

A half (or round trip) window over a door or window is a shrewd method to grow the measure of regular light entering a space, carry soft silhouettes to a room, and set off the straight corners of rectangular windows and dividers for a stylishly satisfying corresponding impact .

Inlet and bow windows:

Inlet and bow windows add an architectural accent to an outside wall while additionally giving the mirage of a room. Any of the window boards can be a current style, for example, a casement or single hung, in addition, they can likewise be flanked with windows extra light.

Wrapping Up:

This way, transforming old and staid windows by bringing these lively assortment of windows gives the house a big make-over, not to mention the joys of getting the equivalent of a new house.

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