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June 2020

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Decking And Railing

Spending time out on a deck is a great way to enjoy the weather as well as the company of others. However, decks can become forgotten and worn out over time, which creates not only an eyesore but also an area that is unused. Consider these ways to transform your deck to get back out to enjoy the sunshine of your outdoor living area.

  Transform Your Deck  

Clean the decking: First of all, when was the last time you cleaned your deck? Well, if you do not clean your deck regularly, then it is bound to look old and dull. Cleaning it will give your deck a new shine and glow. You would be amazed to know that cleaning your deck would just be done quickly by making use of water spray. You need to vacate the entire deck and then wash out all the dust and accumulated dirt with the water spray. Moreover, you can also use deck cleaners and stiff broom to remove the leaves. Once you have cleaned it, let it dry. You can apply the fresh coat of stain or decking paint to the timber, to give it a rich look. In case you are using a grey weathered timber, replace it with rich color timber. You can get such high-finished timbers from a professional supplier of structural building products such as Construxbuilding.

Simple Steps To Follow:

• Scrape out the loose finish of the deck surface

• Scrub out all the dirt and dust

• Applying a deck cleaning solution to the entire area

• Wash out the deck by spraying water

• Apply a fresh coat of paint

Make The Deck Safe: Once the deck area is cleaned, you can inspect the area for crack, missing nails, or broken parts. If you think that your deck needs repairing, take help from the professionals to get the repairs done. After ensuring that your deck is safe, work on improving the look of the deck. To impart a modernized look, add a new post. Make use of dressed H4 treated pine as it is best able to withstand the elements while still looking good. Bolt them to the floor frame of your deck using galvanized fixings. Top them off with a primed treated pine handrail. Finally, give a coat of fresh paint to make it look brighter.

Focus on Redoing The Railing Of The Deck: You need to redo the railing to transform the old one. You can even replace it with a maintenance-free railing system. It would be better to choose a vinyl-coated wood-plastic composite, as it would be durable and easy to install. Most of the manufacturer recommends installing the posts before the decking and using metal brackets that attach to the joists. It will be helpful in concealing any minor gaps where the balusters meet the bottom rail.

Properly seal the deck: To impart a final and finished look to the deck, you must apply a decking sealer. You can make use of an amber tone to give a warm appearance to the decking. In case, if you have tightly spaced deck boards, use a brush to get between them (two boards at a time) as you roll the sealer. After applying the sealer, let it dry for a few hours. To complement the siding of the home, apply a semi-transparent oil stain on the railing deck. This will give a finished look and make your deck appear warm and welcoming.

Tip: Avoid using stain on the deck boards because they quickly wear.

Decorating Your Deck:

Adding Container plants to the deck will instantly transform the look of the deck. These are easy to maintain and give a natural landscaping look to the house.

Replace The Old And Dull Items: You must consider replacing old handrails or the main walkway with a new one. It will upgrade the look of the deck and give a contemporary appearance.

Make Use Of Statement Pieces: You can easily impress your family members, or guests by adding beautiful patio align with an outdoor artificial fountain. You can also incorporate beautiful lightings and vertical gardens to make the deck look welcoming.


There are plenty of ways to transform your deck to upgrade the overall look of your outdoor living area. Consider adding container plants and keeping them on the landscaping around your deck to create a polished look. Make sure to use the best quality materials for the deck so that they can be easy to replace. Adding statement pieces that will impress guests are other ways to transform your deck to get more use out of it this year.

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