Different Types of Window Materials
Different Types of Window Materials

Different Types of Window Materials

August 2020

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Whether you are building a new window or replacing an old one, you will need to choose the material to be used for the same. This is not an easy task considering the various building materials that can be used for this. The materials that you use for your window frames will determine the window’s aesthetics, insulation, cost, maintenance among other aspects. Educating yourself on these materials will help you decide which one is the best for you. As you do your comparisons, here is a list of the common building materials that you can use for your windows.


If you want to give your home a natural look, then the wood will be a good building material to use for your windows. This is a popular building material for windows that has been used for years. They are usually painted or stained to achieve various colors and styles and also to offer protection. They have good insulation capabilities and will help keep your home hot or cold as necessary.

However, when exposed to harsh weather conditions, they may begin to rot, warp, or get damaged by sunlight. They are also susceptible to infestation by pests such as termites. To give your windows a long life and maintain their appearance, wood will require high maintenance such as repainting. Wooden windows tend to cost more than other window building materials.


A great choice for modern homes would be aluminum windows. They usually give a house a polished contemporary look. This also makes them suitable for commercial buildings. They are also lightweight yet strong enough to support large window sizes. They also provide narrow frames leaving more room for glass. Aluminum can easily be worked on to adopt different shapes and sizes. It is also cheaper than wooden windows and requires less maintenance.

On the other hand, they offer poor insulation as compared to other window building materials. Even though it does not face rotting and mold growth, aluminum is susceptible to corrosion when under certain conditions.


PVC, which is also used in other construction items, is what is used to make vinyl window frames. There are two types of vinyl, that is, pure vinyl which is stronger and more expensive than the other type which is recyclable vinyl. Vinyl is an energy-efficient building material. Vinyl windows are also easy to clean and maintain. Another perk involved is that they are neither susceptible to rotting nor corrosion. Its low cost and easy installation have made vinyl a popular choice for building windows.

Nonetheless, vinyl is not as strong and durable as other window building materials. As temperature changes, vinyl will expand and contract and may even warp when under strong sunlight. Due to the fact that it is not naturally occurring, vinyl is not recyclable which is not good for the environment. Vinyl windows are also limited in terms of their design and color choices.


Another window building material that has gained popularity in recent years is fiberglass. This is made up of a high-quality plastic reinforced with glass fibers and resin making it a suitable building material for windows due to its strength and durability. It is also an energy-efficient material with good insulation properties. Fiberglass windows require low maintenance and are not prone to rotting, mold, or corrosion. It is also a good material for areas with hot temperatures as it does not expand or warp. With its ability to be recycled, fiberglass forms an environment-friendly window building material.

However, fiberglass can be costly as compared to other options including vinyl. Also, due to its rigidity, it is not easy to install and will require a long duration for the same.


This is made up of a combination of window building materials, that is, wood with a cladding of either aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass. This is good if you want the appearance of wood but with improved qualities. This will require less maintenance than a regular wooden window while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the same. The combination of materials will also make the window more durable and long-lasting. However, if not well built and maintained, the cladding may eventually separate.

There are different window building materials each with its pros and cons. There is none which is the best. You should weigh each option and determine the one that is most suitable for you with the help of a professional.

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