Is It Time To Replace Your Deck Railings?


Is It Time To Replace Your Deck Railings

Is It Time To Replace Your Deck Railings?

October 2020

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Deck railings are a significant part of the house’s exterior. Being a homeowner, you must regularly inspect the deck railing and keep them well-maintained. When you are regular in inspecting the deck railing for safety, you can come across these warning signs. These signs will indicate the actual condition of the deck railing so that you can decide when to replace them. If you are delaying the replacement of the deck railing, then it can turn out to be very dangerous and unsafe for the family members. In order to avoid such issues, you must inspect the deck railing after every season to ensure that whether they have been damaged by the storm or harsh weather or not.

Check Whether The Deck Railings Are Unsteady:

It is the first and foremost thing that you must check to ensure the structural integrity of the deck railing. It is important because the deck railing is the essential support that keeps your family members protected from accidents. Whether you have a wood railing or a metal deck railing, you must inspect that they are not shaking or wobbly. If yes, then you cannot rely on the deck railing for providing safety. You must get it repaired if possible. If the deck railing is beyond repair, then it is the right time to get them replaced. You can give a strong push to the railing to check whether it is steady or unsteady. If you find that the railing is no longer able to perform its essential job then it is not safe to keep using them in such conditions. If it doesn’t shake, it’s time to check for other factors that may be causing your railing to require a replacement.

Check Whether The Material Of The Deck Railing Is Rotting Or Not:

Depending on the type of the material that has been used in the deck railing, you should check for rotting deck rail. Generally, the deck railing material is wood, which can rot due to pests and moisture. You have to closely look at the deck’s supporting clamp, post, spindles, and railing. These are the places where you can find signs of rotting. You can come across sawdust beneath the deck railing, which indicates that the pest has damaged the railing to a great extent. Moreover, the darkening of wood with a soft or sponge-like feel indicates that the railing has been damaged due to moisture. The rotting signs are the best indicator that you need to replace your deck before they completely collapse.

Another Indicator - Rusting of The Deck Railing Hardware:

Not just the material of the deck railing, but you also need to check the actual condition of your hardware. The deck railing hardware includes several supporting brackets, screws, washers, etc. This hardware ensures that the deck rail is fixed properly and attached to the decking with proper supports. Along with the deck material the deck railing hardware is also exposed to harsh weather conditions, storms, heavy rains, and sun. Due to such environmental conditions, the hardware material begins to rust. When the rust keeps penetrating the innermost level, it can severely weaken your hardware. This in turn will make it vulnerable to snapping and breaking. So if you notice that the deck railing hardware is rusting, immediately replace them to confirm your railing is secure.

Pay Attention to the Cracks In The Deck Railing Material:

When you closely observe the deck railing material and you come across deep cracks or splintering or warping, then you should understand that the service life of the deck is over. You can see these signs in the wooden deck railing. If it is a metal railing, then you can see the paint chipping out, and then there is rust all around the surface of the railing. It also indicates that the deck is not kept well-maintained, or it is quite old. The presence of the cracks and rust on the railing indicates that the structural integrity of the railing is lost, and it can no longer serve as deck railing to offer support and protection.


Generally, people perform the deck railing inspection on their own. But it is always better to hire professionals who can check the things you might miss out on. Professional contractors will help you in determining the actual condition of the deck railing and also provide services to get it replaced. So whenever you find yourself in a dilemma and are unable to identify if your decking or deck railings need to be replaced, be proactive, and seek the help of a professional deck builder.

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