Prefabricated Building Solution: The Future Of Construction
Prefabricated Building Solution The Future Of Construction

Prefabricated Building Solution: The Future Of Construction

December 2019

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PREFABS: Benefits over traditional buildings

Prefabricated buildings or Prefabs or modular structures have gained distinct edge over archetype building structures with respect to time and accelerated pace of development.

Buildings are built in the form of modules and transported in dismantled form and hauled onto sites. Recovery of building is then done at site.

Reduced wastage, shortened project deadlines, lesser obstructions and enduring quality are hallmarks of a customized modular building solution.

Prefabs stand the test of time and display slick pace of construction

Modular buildings or Prefabricated buildings comprise one and the same content of construction relying on similar base compositions but sectional or modular in nature as compared to traditional buildings.

These prefabs are compliant with design parameters and highest design standards observed in conventional buildings.

Design considerations mean that there is no relaxation in material that goes in constructing the prefabs original design concept in comparison to well-laid out homes offerings.

PREFABS: The smart decision

Points to Ponder:

1. Simultaneous off-site manufacturing and on-site preparation downsize site production times by half as compared to independently built structures.

2. Comprise ready-made constructions with similar underlying composites and installation codes as that of traditional buildings.

3. Wood-based and reliable over conventional brick and mortar houses and stick houses including erstwhile designs such as mobile homes thanks to ergonomic designs.

4. Secret lies in the foundation preventing structures from collapsing on account of railroad vibrations and earthquakes with a host of prominent structures having resilient foundations.

5. Restrained factory environmental settings attribute modular buildings with largest budding factor- time.

6. Savings in time contributed by faster delivery of homes.

7. Low-cost fabrication environment and cost-cutting strategies result in savings of 20% and with project completion running ahead of schedule, this makes modular homes one-up on traditional constructions.

8. Duration is short lived spanning a month and vacating to another installation site from 30 days of contract in stark contrast to permanent modular buildings.

9. Compliance with design parameters and highest design standards as in conventional buildings.

10. High-quality of material amid well-laid out homes used.

11. Customizable, Reusable and Repairable.

12. Completion well within stipulated time.

13. Modular homes crafted in a protective environment as off-site location and stationed in warehouses prevent hindrance from damaging effects of rain and moisture.

High five! Landmark Buildings:

A modular building solution going by name of Palomar Modular Building construction based out of DeSoto, Texas churns out buildings in negligible time when compared to conventional buildings.

One instance of modular building solutions that quickly comes to mind is the Halley VI accommodation pods used for BAS Antarctic expedition which had modular buildings erected in remote and fringe areas.

Prefabricated Buildings: Architectural piece

A modular approach to buildings structures whether they are classrooms or office space are not used only to counter space restrictions but are characterized by their robustness and have proved their resilience in foundations of a host of prominent structures.

An added advantage being routine life at schools, colleges and hospitals is undisturbed without chaos adding to it, thanks to installation of temporary modular buildings.

Wrapping Up:

The bottom-line here is the strict time-frames of operations, stricter schedules and operability even in the remotest corners and scalability are the cornerstones of a good customized modular construction.

Prefabs source every industry need right from healthcare, education, construction, and commercial to ebullient retail and petrochemical sector.

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