Reasons For Fence Replacement



Reasons For Fence Replacement

August 2021

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Many homeowners build a fence in their yard to accommodate several purposes such as pet protection, privacy, decoration purposes, and security. Whatever your reason for having a fence is, fences can uplift the outlook of a home by making the yard look more appealing.

Most properties are surrounded by a wooden fence, and you may worry that these fences are not durable. However, with proper maintenance, wooden fences can last long. They can last for up to 10 and 12 years if the lumber used in making them is untreated.

Fences with treated lumber last longer. It can protect your yard for as long almost 30 years. Even though you are dedicated to the maintenance of your fence, you may still encounter some issues that need you to repair. The following reasons can determine if your fence needs replacement.

Your Fence’s Ugly Side Faces Outside

Your fence is supposed to make your home look more outstanding by increasing its curb appeal. If it has lost its value due to old age or poor construction, it may become a problem if you are planning on selling your home soon.

Your neighbors may also frown at the idea of your fence disturbing their privacy or property, especially if your fence looks shabby on their end and the attractive side faces the interior of your home.

These issues can be easily rectified if you upgrade your fence or completely replace it. If your fence cannot project a proper curb appeal, even though it looks amazing on the interior side, you must also change the fence completely.

Consider reaching out to your fencing contractor, who will delicately replace the fence using similar materials as the one facing the interior of your home. After replacement, the fence will look attractive on the side that faces the street.

Your Fence Is Getting Older And Must be Replaced

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The materials that make up the component of the fence may be vinyl, aluminum, wood, and other kinds of good materials, but they still get damaged from overuse, old age, and poor maintenance when their time is up.

When your fence is getting worn out, you should look out for the following signs; Unequal or constantly stuck gates, tilting or leaning gates, missing panels, ripped off or torn gates, cracking, and fading.

It is possible to fix an old fence that has shown some of these signs if, during repair, you add new materials to support the old fence, and restore some areas that were broken.

However, there may be a greater need to replace the entire fence rather than manage the situation through repair. Also, complete restoration may be cheaper. You can contact a fencing contractor to guide you on the best option.

Your Fence Does Not Serve Some Important Purposes

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Any fence that no longer meets certain needs or purposes must be replaced as soon as possible. You should take the replacement seriously due to the following reasons:

  1. Your fence is too short. and you need a taller replacement: Short fences can attract external problems into your property.
  2. The fence of your home hardly ensures your privacy: This can be a big problem for you and the members of your household.
  3. Your fence has reduced the curb appeal of your home: you may face challenges if you want to sell your home. No buyer will settle for an unattractive fence.
  4. You are no longer secured and safe because your fence cannot protect you any longer: If your fence is already falling, it will no longer protect you from bad weather, and your pets can stray.

Most fences are created to meet important purposes than others. For instance, a vinyl fence is designed with a streamlined appearance. They are sometimes decorated or installed to make the home private.

Chain-link is a stylish, timeless, quality fencing style that is perfect for securing your home. The issue with this fence is that it will not ensure your privacy except you add narrow slats from vinyl. Ornamental fencing is attractive and ensures top security, but adds no privacy to the home.

You should replace your fences after taking into consideration the requirements of your household. Do you have little children and pets in your home, or you are simply looking at upgrading your landscape, replacing your fence is the best option. Your fencing contractor can instruct you on the best fencing option for your yard.

Your Fence Disregards Zoning Rules

In some areas of the city, some laws pertain to where your fence should be mounted, the condition of the fence, and how tall your fence should be. These laws are taken seriously, especially for homeowners with side and front fencing that are noticeable on the street.

If your neighbors have complained bitterly about your fence, or you have been reported to your city’s council members for violating the law with your fence, even though you bought the house with that fence, you must change it completely.

When contracting a fencing professional, make sure the individual is aware of your city’s zoning rules. You should know that it is wrong to build a fence too close to your neighbors’ property.

If you must build a fence, try to avoid certain legal issues that may spring up in a few years to come. Also, do not build a fence without first thinking about other people’s properties. Crossing the line can be a bad idea.


With a new fence, your property will look more outstanding. A simple replacement can improve your home’s exterior, especially when you choose materials that will enhance its appearance.

Replacing an entire fence can be expensive. But, it is a better option than managing through repair. Show your budget to a fencing contractor, who will give you a suitable estimate that will solve your fencing needs.

For your old fences, you can collect the materials and save them for future projects. If you do not need them, you can ask your fencing contractor to help you get rid of them, since you may not have a better idea of disposing of them yourself.

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