Siding: How It Helps To  Protect Your House?
Siding How It Helps To Protect Your House

Siding: How It Helps To Protect Your House?

November 2019

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Home Siding protects your home from storms, winds, rain and other inclement weather that the house braves. In addition, a siding also provides a common theme outside the house that will come to the fore when you decide to sell your house. The siding could play a yeoman’s role in your home security. Before you choose your next home siding, better make sure you have understood all the basic functions of a home siding.

What does a Siding really do?

A Siding is a first line of defense in protecting your home from inclement weather such as rain, storm and the likes while at the same time, it also presents an aesthetic appeal to your house that aids in the sales process. Just as much, a weak home siding could be the cause for water seeping into your home from cracks in the wall because you seem to have forgotten that building material contracts and expands with changing temperatures.

It is the siding that protects your house in fluctuating weather conditions and most importantly from strong gusts of wind that saves your energy bills as if wind were to enter your house, a chill would prevail at home that will hike your energy bills with boiler or heater working harder.

On seeing that air is entering your house from the exterior walls, it is time to change your sidings.

Most used Sidings:

The most used sidings in present times are vinyl sidings that come in various colors and is one of the most durable types available. Vinyl is popular because they are maintenance free and are easy to take care of. Just power wash the siding to keep it looking as new as ever.

Wooden sidings are also very popular and are durable while having a rustic look or feel going with it. But the downside with it is that wooden siding rots very easily which calls for maintenance making the cost of wooden sidings mount.

Aluminum Siding is the cheapest but also the least attractive and least durable as has been found by homeowners. Aluminum Siding calls for many repairs and replacement that burns a hole in the owners pocket.

What is the best siding for your home?

Even though sidings turn out to be the most affordable exterior housing material, there are a few that invoke desire and hence are more popular. Vinyl Siding is the most popular siding in wetter parts of the country, Cement and brick come in extremely handy but for water protection, vinyl is the best.

Others like wood and stucco are gaining momentum with their better or more attractive sidings but can't hold their own as compared to vinyl siding that still are more popular. Like all ecosystems that are coming to life now, it is obvious that green sidings are overtaking the other sidings in popularity. The most common green sidings are fiber-cement. Fiber-cement sidings are more preferred with least maintenance down the line and absolutely repair -free. Your wallet is witness to this and a happier one at that for using fewer bankrolls.

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