Signs that Your Deck Needs to Be Rebuilt
Signs that Your Deck Needs to Be Rebuilt

Signs that Your Deck Needs to Be Rebuilt

November 2020

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Are you an outdoor entertainment lover? Well lucky you, your deck is the perfect spot that gives you room to enjoy yourself and spend quality time with your loved ones. It helps you create beautiful memories, as you can relax, examine the stars, enjoy your wine, and even eat outdoor. This memory creation spot can quickly fade away if you are not intentional about renovating it.

It’s important that you take a look at your deck’s condition from time to time. Annually inspect it at the start of spring to see if there is a need for replacement or renovation. This is because a damaged deck can cause injuries to you and will not give you the wonderful memory it once used to. So, to continue to enjoy wonderful memories in your deck, you must keep it in top shape. The following signs will help you know whether or not you need to rebuild or replace your deck.

1. Post Having Erosion Around Them

Usually, decks have a strong post as the base where they sit on. These posts are often put deep into the ground accompanied by a good concrete mixture to help the post become stronger and more firm. As water keeps flowing around the foundation, it erodes the sand that surrounds the post. The concrete gets exposed and the post begins to lose its base. As the erosion around the post becomes stronger, the deck becomes unstable. This unstableness of the deck can make the post crack.

When you noticed water pooling around the base of the posts, try to get the advice of a professional on how best you can divert the water away from the base.

2. When Railings Are Loose

When you notice that your railings are shaking each time you hold on to them, it’s a good sign that your railings need to be repaired. Railings are very easy to fix; don't push fixing it forward. If you allow the railings to stay loose, it may lead to the collapse of your deck. So, to prevent a total collapse, the railings need to be fixed quickly. Loose railings are one of the signs indicating that your deck needs to be rebuilt. It is best for you if you attend to them early.

3. Cracks in the Wood

When a deck exceeds its normal life expectancy, it is nothing strange to see cracks in the wood. The bigger cracks on the wood make the deck weak. These cracks create an allowance for flowing water to enter the wood and settle in it. This can cause decay of the wood and can lead to the collapse of the deck at any point in time. So, when you see cracks in the woods of your deck, it is a sign that it is needs replacement.

4. Unsecure or Bowing Boards

Unsecured or lifted boards can cause people to trip. As the owner of the home, you will be held accountable. So, if you notice wobbly boards when you are walking across your deck, you may need to replace it. Bowing boards can be a result of water damage, pest damage, or rot. Also, joists can become loosed and detached from the ledger board with time. An unsecured or bowing board is a sign that your deck needs to be replaced or rebuilt.

5. Gaps between the Deck and House

A ledger board is a component in the deck. The ledger board is that part that keeps the house and the deck well attached. These boards are not immortal; they can get spoilt. When the board gets spoilt, the weight of the deck can make the whole construction drift from the house.

When a deck construction drifts away from a building, it presents a great concern as regards safety. Anyone can misstep around the gaps and get hurt. There is also a possibility of the deck collapsing. More so, the spaces which are between the house and the deck create an allowance for water to ooze into the framework or the posts. This can cause damage to the posts and consequently, the deck itself. So, when you start observing gaps between your deck and the house itself, you may need to rebuild the deck.

6. Widespread Discoloration and Stains

While some of the stains or fading on your deck will not have a damaging effect on its performance, widespread stains and discoloration may be an indication of a serious underlying problem. Some spilled substances like automotive fluids, harsh cleaning chemicals, or even cooking grease can corrode your deck's finish and material as time goes on. Also, old decks have a high tendency of hidden stability problems. So, if you don’t know the age of a deck, signs like peeling varnish, advanced fading, and extensive blemishes are pointers that the deck is old enough to be replaced or rebuilt.

7. Age

There are no everlasting building materials. Every building material is bound to deteriorate with time; exterior ones getting damaged first. A good indicator that your deck needs replacement is age. Climate and weather will take its toll on your deck. Typically, a wood deck lasts anywhere from 15 to 40 years, depending on the kind of materials used and the kind of routine maintenance it undergoes. Regardless though, when your deck begins to show aging signs and has well lasted above 20 years, you should seriously consider replacing or rebuilding it.


Rebuilding or replacing your deck when it is due for such can guarantee your safety and that of your loved ones. Accidents and injuries as a result of a collapsed deck can be very fatal. So, it's important that you pay attention to your deck from time to time. A proper inspection will help you take the necessary steps in keeping the deck in top shape. Once you start observing any of the signs mentioned above, consider repairing or rebuilding your deck. Most times, you only need to repair damaged parts of your deck. However, if you observe that a part is too damaged for repairs, consider replacing it completely. A full replacement will make the deck completely functional and safe again.

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