Simple Modern Roof Designs


Simple Modern Roof Designs

Simple Modern Roof Designs

June 2021

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In recent years, simple modern roof designs are becoming increasingly popular. A quick look through Pinterest or ArchDaily will tell you that there is more interest in modern home architecture and simpler roof styles.

If you are looking for information and design inspiration on simple modern roof designs, make sure you read till the end. We will reveal to you in this guide the most popular modern roof designs.

Simple Modern Roof Designs

Below are some of the simple modern roof designs.

1. Flat and nearly flat roofs

Flat and nearly flat roofs

In the past, flat roofs were only found on commercial structures or outbuildings. However, many modern, residential homes are now making use of flat roofs. Instead of being entirely flat, the roofs often have a very low pitch that is enough to allow water to drain off without collecting.

Flat roofs can be used in creating daring overhangs for solar gain control and shade protection. They can be planted to make green roofs and usable vegetable or herb gardens. Unlike other styles of roofs, flat roofs can even be accessible, providing extra living space.

2. Shed roof

Another example of a functional, simple, and clean roof structure is the shed roofs. The natural roofline makes works easy for modern designers. This kind of roof is best for you when you prefer to allow excess light to replace the ineffective attic space with more interior volume.

One of its advantages is the capacity to provide clerestory windows and higher ceilings along the roof’s high side. This gives room for enhanced views, greater natural light, and a greater sense of volume and spaciousness.

Just like flat roofs, shed roofs can be used to create large overhangs which will passively help in the control of solar heat gain. The roof’s slope can be constructed to block out direct solar gain when it’s summer and allow it to shine into the house when it’s winter.

3. Skillion and Lean-to

Amped with impressive angular lines, this roof type feature juxtaposing slopes that meet in the middle. Similar to a slanted or shed roof, this roof has no ridge on its roofline. This usually results in walls of different heights within a building.

A skillion roof gives your home roofing a bold and modern look which results in attractive crisscrossing angles and also creates a defined space for large window or series of windows along the top of the building’s wall to be housed in a space that usually receives no light.

Skillion roofs are easy to build, and they are affordable. Also, their steep pitch allows water to run off easily, thus reducing the need for the extra waterproof roof treatments required by lower-pitched roof types.

4. Gable roof

Gable roof

This roof type has been a part of traditional architectural history for a long time. Almost everyone is familiar with it. If a child is asked to draw a house, that child will certainly draw one with a gable roof.

How has the gable roof found its way into our list of simple modern roof designs? The gable roof has a very simple, functional, and straightforward design. These are all modern characteristics.

A gable roof also provides the opportunity for more floor space in the roof volume, like an attic or loft space. Also, it can lend itself to dormers, which enhances the useful floor area and the natural daylight that enters the space.

5. Box gable

This roof has a triangular extension at both ends of its structure, with the roof section boxed fitted at the end. The box gable roof design is similar to a regular gable roof, but it highlights the triangular section of the roof style more.

Roof Design Considerations

A roof’s main purpose is to protect from the weather. However, roofs also play an important role in the overall style and look of the entire house, including energy efficiency and durability. So, you need to choose the appropriate roof design for your home.

Some of the major factors that can influence your decision in selecting roofing styles include the shape of the roof, budget, climate, available materials, etc. Ultimately, your choice of roof design will depend on the following:

Aesthetics and personal choices

The kind of appeal you want a roof to give your home should determine the roof design option you go for. If you have a strong preference for a particular roof design, simply go for it. A design that gives you great aesthetic pleasure is what you should consider.


The simpler the design of a roof, the less it costs. Multiple roof edge flashing pieces, steep slopes, complex angles, large cantilevers, insulation type, and type of framing system adds to your roof system cost. Keep your roof design simple if you want to reduce cost.

Building design/geometry

The shape of your building is another factor that can determine your choice of roof design. A squarish floor plan may function and look better with a flat roof than a shed roof. If clerestories and more natural light are what you desire, a shed roof is the most preferable option.

Surrounding or adjacent buildings

Another factor that can influence your selection of roof type is the building around you or those on your street. If you like your house to fit in with those of your neighbors, select a roof profile that is similar to theirs.

Planning and zoning regulations

Design review boards, zoning regulations, and planning committees may have certain restrictions and limitations on some things you can do with your roof. They may have regulations for roof heights, materials, and the shape of your roof.

Before making any decision on a roof design for your home, ensure you find out the regulations of the area where you live.


Gable roofs shed roofs, and flat roofs are the most common and best examples of simple modern roof designs. However, these roof designs alone cannot give your home a modern look. The whole house design is what makes houses modern.

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