Tips for Maintaining Your Deck
tips for maintaining your deck

Tips for Maintaining Your Deck

April 2021

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Due to gradual exposure to cold weather, sunlight, grease, and invasion of insects, decks are inclined to suffer gradual deterioration. For this reason, decks must be maintained and cleaned frequently to retain their state and quality.

Decks lose their desirable qualities in due time even though they are said to have a low maintainable operation. Because decks are negatively exposed to external factors like termite invasion and weather, they will crack, fade, and break into sharp fragments, which can lead to a harmful surface area.

Since these external conditions will cause decks to degenerate, it is a great option to form a standard procedure of maintaining your deck in order not to spend too much on repairs. You can follow these tips on maintaining your deck to keep it safe for a long time.

Create a Time Based Plan for Cleaning the Deck

Creating a cleaning schedule will help you to monitor the method and durability of your deck. To perform servicing actions that will ensure your deck functions properly, you have to, first of all, remove to the slightest extent, rugs, appliances, plants, or furniture off the surface of your deck.

Apply a deck cleaner, do it to both the horizontal and vertical layers of the deck by allowing the cleaner to set for the required length of time. After applying the cleaner for as long as it has been recommended, the deck can be washed down, using a pressure washer especially to get rid of grime from off your deck.

When using a pressure washer, which serves as the most efficient equipment for deck washing, be careful not to pay too much attention to a particular spot or grip the nozzle close to the deck as this could damage the wood completely. Also, when using a wood brightener to make your deck look its best, ensure it is appropriate for the type of wood used for making your deck.

Some cleaners are effective for your deck, they include, oxygen bleaches which restores gray woods worn by weather and also discards mildew, Chlorine bleaches, which eliminates mildew and mold from the surface of the deck and oxalic acidic agents which perform as actual brighteners when you don't have to bother about mildew.

Get Rid of Old stainGet Rid of Old stain on deck

Before you consider re-sealing the deck, which is a great way of maintaining your deck, you must first get rid of old stains. If resealing is done without removing the old stains, the wood will wear off inevitably and this will damage the deck, which has been re-sealed.

Seal the Deck to Preserve It

Because decks are often exposed to sunlight and rainfall, the best way you can maintain their quality is by sealing them. You can carry out deck sealing at least once a year but with professional help, deck sealing can be done every two years.

Having your deck sealed will keep it safe from elements and protect it from splinters. Using quality sealants will enable a long-standing performance. Sealers come in diverse types, toner, solid and clear. It is best to choose the best sealer for your wood deck.

Apply sealants to your composite decking wearing gloves, eye protectors, and face masks. Be sure that you do not apply sealants to moist surfaces. The process must begin based on moderate weather conditions since sealants will only be effective on dry surfaces.

The weather in Canadian provinces can fluctuate so you must try your best to get the most out of sealing your deck. Follow these steps for proper deck sealing:

1. Thoroughly wash the entire surface of the deck.

2. Lightly, abrade the surface of the wood to clean or smoothen out any unpleasant substance that may be visible after a thorough wash.

3. Restore or replace any nail extending or sticking out from beyond or above the surface of the deck.

4. Finally, apply the sealants following the producer's information.

Thoroughly Inspect and Repair the DeckThoroughly Inspect and Repair the Deck

Look out for damages on your deck every time there is a change in season. Ensure you have carefully examined the deck's structure by checking for visible signs of cracks and rots on the deck railings. Carefully inspect the beams, and examine the ledger as well as the deck stairs.

If while you carry out this scrutiny you come across damaging signs, make sure to fix the problem as soon as you can to save your deck from more future ruins or from losing its charm.

However, in certain geographical areas, temperature change can negatively affect metal fasteners and woods, therefore, regardless of your region, maintaining your deck is pertinent. Examine areas of the deck where there has been an inevitable exposure to dampness as they may have already begun to soften, warped, or cracked.

Also, it is relevant to inspect the hardware of your deck. Make sure that all screws, anchors, and nails are examined, where they are top loose, tighten or have them restored. Deck railings are meant to be balanced and unyielding therefore, where there appears to be a slackened connection, repair it by drilling holes to add new screws or tightening slackened screws.

The ledger that connects your deck to your house must not be left out during inspection, failure to check this piece of the frame can cause the collapse of your deck. Ensure the ledger is firmly connected with screws, hole-free, rust-free, and rot-free.


The best time to wash and seal your deck to ensure its good maintenance is during the fall especially if you missed out in the spring. The idea is to take care of your deck only at a moderate temperature.

In other words, for your deck to look great at all times, make sure you slightly reduce the hedge and nearby trees surrounding it as it can expose your deck to moisture, moss, mold, and rot.

Piles of debris and leaves should be disallowed as this can ruin the structure of your deck. Occasionally move chairs, tables, and planters so that the deck will not change or lose its color.

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