Tips On Choosing The Perfect Siding Color For Your Home


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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Siding Color For Your Home

July 2021

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One of the easiest ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal is by picking the best colors for your home’s exterior. Vinyl sidings are designed in various colors, and they can be great choices for enhancing the outlook of a home.

Many homeowners prefer using vinyl sidings in their homes because of their appealing colors and the fact that they do not peel off or fade. They also insulate the home, making it energy-efficient. Also, it is easy to maintain vinyl sidings.

Although using colorful vinyl is attractive for homes, it may not befit your home if you do not select the right color that matches your home’s exterior. There are several points you should be aware of when choosing the perfect siding color for your home. They are as follows:

Get Ideas From Other Homes In Your Neighborhood

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One of the best ideas for choosing the perfect siding color is to take a drive around the neighborhood. Check out the most common colors used in other homeowner’s exteriors. You can look out for the most striking or appealing color and make your own decision.

The color must be such that it matches your home’s location. If you have plans of selling your home soon, then upgrading your siding can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. It will make it stand out for a buyer.

You can also carefully observe homes that have a similar resemblance to the architectural design of your home. If your home is colonial, you will observe that other colonials in the neighborhood have similar styles and colors, such as gray, cream, and yellow.

The best option is to pick your siding color to match these colonial styles. On the other hand, if your neighborhood has heterogeneous colors, you may want to go with the color that suits your preference, and this can make your selection a little more challenging.

Look Out For Complementary Colors

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There are various siding choices to go for, but not all will work the magic you are looking to get. Some sidings include a wide range of shades and colors that are pre-finished. On the other hand, some sidings are painted and primed in the color of your choice.

You can use the help of the internet to look for the perfect home sidings and make a choice from the varieties you will see. You will discover that there are so many colors and patterns, and you will be drawn to the one that matches your home and your preferences.

However, you do not have to choose a siding color from the numerous options displayed on the internet because they may not be an actual shade or color in reality. You should act on your choice depending on the style of your home and the details of your siding.

For instance, you have various sidings or trims such as shingles and lap sidings, positioned at both the upper and lower half of your home, then you may want to make the siding prominent by choosing different colors or shades.

If your home’s exterior includes many natural assemblages, this will guide you on how many siding colors you can pick. You should also stick to one complementary color, which defines a bright and unique hue that may be a shade or darker or lighter than the leading siding color.

Consider The Local Weather

Without a doubt, some color combinations can increase the effects of the weather; thereby, affecting the level of your satisfaction within your home. Your siding color will look different during different times of the year and according to the daily weather.

Siding colors will look different on bright sunny days and snowy winter afternoons, respectively. Generally, the extreme sunlight on summer days will increase the brightness of the siding color. It will also dim its brightness during cold winter days.

You can apply samples of the siding color of your choice on various sides of your home for up to a week and observe them closely at all weather conditions of the day, including morning, afternoon and evening. You can paint the swatches near the items in your home and check if the colors are maintained and unchanged after a long period. An example is using brick foundations. This way, it will be easier to find the best siding color to change your home’s exterior.

Take A Clue Of Siding Color To Pick From Your Home’s Architecture

Many architecturally designed homes were built with a scheme of color that was a proper match for it. You may want to choose a siding color based on this initiative. Even though they were initial foundations, you may not dwell on them. The styles are as follows:

  • Victorian architectural design: These designs include colors lacking brightness. It was a style created years ago to pay respect to Queen Victoria, who after the loss of her husband continued wearing black outfits.
  • Colonial infused home designs: This type of home is painted using homogenous color patterns such as gray, white, or yellow, even though unexpected emphasis may still give a contemporary and more stylish twist to the common pattern.
  • Warm red and brown-colored home designs: these are very good for trims on adobe, craftsman, or country-styled rustic ranch homes.
  • Cape Cod architectural home: these designs are best matched with gray-blue tints or shades.
  • Modern constructed homes: these have architectural designs with classic texture mix and work better with modifications on neutral colors.
  • Traditional architectural home designs: these look suitable and attractive, painted in grey-toned reds and gray colors.


When looking for the siding color that will be perfect for your home siding, it should be in line with the true color of your home color scheme. This way, you can cut down some choices that may not work for your home.

It is not necessary to use any of the colors in the scheme if none suits your preference, even though it can be a great way for you to narrow your options. However, when it comes to choosing a color get the siding color that best befits your home and your preferences.

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