Top 5 Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced
Top 5 Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

Top 5 Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

April 2021

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Despite looking through your windows almost every day, when last did you check it? Wood or aluminum framed pictures may cause problems that are not noticeable. However, it is easy to recognize these problems if you take the time to check and assess your windows.

Well-designed windows play an important role in improving the curb appeal of your home. It also helps improve energy efficiency. But if your windows are damaged, the overall comfort of your home becomes a problem. Damaged windows, if not checked may lead to security issues. You must assess your windows to see if they need to be replaced.

Normally, old homes need window upgrades at some stage. However, there are also signs around your home that indicate that it is time for a window upgrade or renovation. Here are the top 5 signs that suggest you need a window replacement:

1. High energy bills

Homes with older windows tend to consume more energy. This is common with homes that have worn double-paned units and single panes. When you stand close to your window during a cold day, and it feels colder than the rest of the home, then you need to spend more to regulate the temperature. As temperatures rise during the summer and drop during the winter, your cooling and heating bills do the same too. Older windows tend to be affected the most, as much of the cooling from your air conditioning system and the heat produced from the furnace is going to waste. When leaky windows are replaced with new ones, thermal heat transfers and air leaks are prevented. This helps you save more on your cooling and heating bills.

When considering changing those leaky windows, choose the one with Low-emissivity (LoE) glass and argon gas. It will help you to save on the cost of heating bills. LoE glasses are capable of keeping heat out during the summer periods. Not only will it reduce your heating and cooling expenses, but it will also make your living space more comfortable to live in. When replacing the window, it is important to discuss the specific need of your home with a window specialist beforehand.

2. Condensation


It may happen that condensation and fog tend to build upon your windows. If the buildup is regular, you probably need to analyze the kind of condensation that it is. Analyzing the kind of condensation will let you know if it is destructive or not. The point at which it appears on your window will tell if you should be worried or not. A sign that the seals of your windows are bad is when condensation is seen between the two panes of glass. If this is the case, your window needs to be replaced before it gets too leaky. To tackle this problem, you should learn more about types of condensation and the possible solution for each.

Although your doors, windows, insulation, siding, ventilation, and cooling or heating system are separate from one another, they all make up the operating system of your house. All these factors are required to function together to keep your home running at the highest efficiency. You will not get the best return for your investment if a thing like condensation affects your window.

One of such investments is replacing your old windows with new ones. New windows will enhance the curb appeal of your home, as well as boost its value. With new windows, energy efficiency and soundproofing are increased, together with more natural light entering your home.

3. Decaying frames and leaky windows

Decaying window frames is a clear sign that your window needs to be replaced. Wooden window frames tend to go on a downward spiral when they are exposed to moisture. When the moisture builds up, the decay that it causes along the line may be more serious. This can lead to safety issues. If your windows show any sign of decay, it is an indicator that you need to act fast and upgrade your windows.

You may also notice a leaky window, an instance where your windows are leaking. It might be so bad that your leaky windows leave a pool of water on the floor. It is at this point that you must upgrade your windows. When deciding on window replacement, always remember that no matter how little the quantity of moisture, it fuels the growth of mold. If you fail to take action on time, the leaky window may develop a more serious problem.

Failed seal units and improper installations are the two main reasons why windows are leaky. You can choose to repair leaky windows, but to ensure that it never fails again, consider replacing them properly.

4. Difficulty in shutting or opening your windows

Difficulty in shutting or opening your windows  

Notice what happens when you open and close your windows. Is the operation smooth? Windows operations are expected to be smooth, but if you struggle to open or shut it, then it is time you consider replacing them.

This type of damage is common with wooden windows. It is expected that when you open and close your window regardless of the type, you should do it effortlessly. If your window is swollen shut or painted shut, they require more pressure to move them, then it is getting damaged already.

5. Drafts on windy days

There is a great chance that your windows seals are weakening if you feel a breeze as you stand close by your windows. You can easily verify this by using a stick of burning incense: Hold the burning incense stick while standing by the window, and if the smoke moves randomly, then there is a leak. Window leakage is a sign of the deteriorating condition of your windows. Consider replacing your windows to seal this leak completely.


It is expected that you replace your old windows with time. However, certain factors may cause you to replace it instantly. Factors such as rising cooling and heat costs, poor soundproofing, difficulty in window operation, and leaks are signs that you need to replace your windows. Replacing your windows offers the benefit of boosting the value of your home, improving its curb appeal, and eliminating all the problems associated with bad windows.

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