Warning Signs that Tell You to Change Your Railings
Warning Signs That Tells You To Change Your Railing

Warning Signs that Tell You to Change Your Railings

July 2020

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The railings around your home are more than just decorative elements. From the stair railings to the deck railings, they also contribute to the safety of your home by preventing people from falling off the stairs, the deck, or other elevated areas. When they start to wear out, they will not only look bad, but they may also lead to accidents. This may result in severe injuries, and even worse, death. Fortunately, you do not have to wait for this to happen for you to realize that your railings are due for replacement. Here are some of the warning signs for the same.

When the Railing is Loose and Wobbly

This is one of the major signs that your railing may need a replacement. Railings need to be firm to offer support and protection to their users when they hold on to or lean on them. When they start to get wobbly, they cannot be relied upon to serve this purpose. You can assess this by moving your railing back and forth or leaning on it to see whether it moves out of place. If it does, then it shows that it requires some fixing or a replacement altogether.

When the Material Begins to Rot

If your railing material begins to rot, then it’s another indicator that you need to change the railing. This is more so for wooden railings. Due to being outside, deck railings are usually exposed to the outdoor moist conditions making them more susceptible to wood rot when they continuously get wet. The rot will consume the railing causing it to become weak. They are also likely to give out a musty smell. This, together with signs of softness, discoloration, and fungal growth should tell you that your railing is beginning to rot and it needs to be replaced.

Signs of Rust

A rusty railing is as bad as one which is beginning to rot. If your deck railing is made of metal, instead of rotting, it may begin to develop rust when it comes into contact with too much moisture. Some metals will be more prone to rust than others. The rust will eat up the metal causing it to weaken and the railing may break eventually. The railing will also get discolored making it unattractive. Other hardware used on the railings such as brackets and screws can also get rusty. If this happens, they will not be able to give the railing the support it needs making it hazardous. When your railing begins to rust, the best option is to replace it for maximum safety.

A bug infestation

Your wooden railing is also prone to bug infestations. This is more likely for your deck railing which is outside and exposed to pests. Ants and termites among others will eat up the wood and eventually destroy it. They may also spread to the rest of your home hence you should take care of it as soon as is possible. As you start the process of replacing the railing, you may also want to consider some extermination by a professional.

Signs of Warping or Cracking

If your railings are old, then you should start paying close attention to any signs of splitting or bowing. This is very likely especially if your railing has been poorly maintained and exposed to harsh conditions such as in the case of a deck railing. This is a sign that your railing is wearing out and you need to start considering a replacement. The cracks, warps, and other deformations will compromise the sturdiness of the railing making it incapable of offering reliable support.

Need for and Upgrade

With time, your railings may go out of style and some change may be warranted. Also, if you want to give your home a fresh new look, then replacing your railings can help you achieve this. Whether you are looking to improve the indoors with a new staircase railing or the outside by changing the deck railing, a railing replacement may be the touch up that your home needs.

Choosing the right material for your railings will give them a long life. However, they will still give out eventually necessitating a replacement. Prolonging the replacement of your railing may have severe consequences. Watch out for the above signs to help you avoid this.

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